At Bob Moore Farms we strive for excellence in the breeding shed. Through our state-of-the-art breeding facility we have developed one of the highest conception rates in the industry. Whether your mare requires cool-shipped semen or careful handling at Bob Moore Farm you can rest assured that your mare will be given the best chance for conception. Our breeding days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Please provide our office with at least a 24 hour notice when ordering semen. (405) 329-8571


Bob Moore Farms has been prepping sales yearlings, mares, and weanlings for over six decades. We represent consignors at all of the major sales including but not limited to Ruidoso, Heritage Place, Vessels, and TQHA. Bob Moore Farm will do everything we can to get you the greatest return on your investment at the sale.


Bob Moore Farms provides year round boarding and turn out facilities. Whether you need to board your mare and foal or just need a place to turn out that champion two year old, we have a place waiting for you. Wide open paddocks and large mare motels are tops in the industry.


Great attention is paid by Bob Moore Farms and its employees to their services provided in the foaling of your mare. There are no shortcuts. Experience the peace of mind that comes with foaling your mare at Bob Moore Farms.